The London “zeitgeist”


As the workshops come and go, certain themes are coming up again and again from people about their experiences living in London that we wanted to share:

  • the connections with like-minded people, new and unusual experiences, and extreme isolation that are all possible in this large a city where all the world is there to be encountered
  • the ubiquitous smartphone
  • being bombarded with information
  • the contrast in seeking connections with other people through online dating when we don’t even acknowledge each other in the street
  • the pressure to document our experiences and relationships for other people to read online
  • the anonymity that is only possible in such a large and densely populated place
  • a sense that people might come together through their shared struggle with these experiences

The challenge to composer Stuart Hancock will be how he takes these ideas and their energy forward in his composition of the Snapshot Songs song-cycle!

In his own upcoming blog post Stuart will share some of his initial sources of inspiration from when he first began to plan this song-cycle, what has surprised and excited him the most about that first taster workshop, and what he is working on next…