Riffing on the zeitgeist

Snapshot Songs – The Next Best Thing from Only Connect on Vimeo.

Taking the theme of “The Next Best Thing” Only Connect members Temi Lateef, Michael VA O’Mara, Steven Fields and Sarah Eliza worked with Stuart and others at Only Connect to produce this epic. They received a standing ovation on both nights.

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“Where’s the chicken…” – a blog post by the Snapshot Songs composer Stuart Hancock

In yesterday’s workshop at the Artizan Street Community Centre, E1, we de-constructed a chicken casserole…in song-form.  The discussion had turned to the latest food trends in the capital, and elderly local estate resident Trudy O’Brien recounted her own gastronomic ‘snapshot’: namely, she ordered a chicken casserole at a nearby café, and didn’t quite get the homely stew she was after.  This triggered a new snapshot song – composed by the group in the ensuing 10 minutes – that involved each of them taking on the role of an ingredient in Trudy’s casserole, coming together singing the refrain “Where’s the chicken…?!”

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