meet Arata..


My name is Harry

My part of London Islington

My earliest musical memory of London  All the fun and funky 1980s music off car radio while driven to school

The moment I realised I could sing It’s still to be realised.

When I am not at a Snapshot Songs rehearsal you will mostly find me Reading books at college or at home – or at a casino.

A song that changes the way I’m feeling no matter where I am when it comes on is  Li Adagio Concerto in B Flat – Tina Thing Helseth with Norwegian Chamber

If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life it would have to be Birthday Ode for Queen Ann: Alison Balsom with the English Concert

A typical thing you might hear me say “Take it easy!”

One word I would use to describe the Snapshot Songs choir is “Wonder”