meet Anne Macaulay..


My name is Anne Macaulay

My part of London Barking (Scotland originally)

My earliest musical memory of London Not sure but probably ( maybe its because im a Londoner)or an old music hall programme on TV (Late 60s early 70s)

The moment I realised I could sing I remember singing a song to my class in my second year primary aged 5 or 6 a Scottish song called ‘Ive left my baby lying there’

When I am not at a Snapshot Songs rehearsal you will mostly find me at poetry classes or poetry open mic or trying to write poetry at home with some singing to myself in between times.

A song that changes the way I’m feeling no matter where I am when it comes on is A fairy tale of New York (very popular when my children were very young so it was a sort of lullaby then a shared family song)

If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life it would have to be  probably a song I don’t know with lots of verses to learn!

A typical thing you might hear me say “I’ve forgotten what I was saying “

One word I would use to describe the Snapshot Songs choir is “Exciting”